Webber: Points swing can help me remain in the hunt

Mark Webber believes that both championship standings could swing very quickly over the course of the season, with the front running teams so evenly matched.

Red Bull has only managed to win one race to McLaren’s two, so far this season, and as a result sites 36 points behind their rivals in the constructors championship.

However, Webber believes that the new points system means that his teams fortunes can change dramatically over the course of a single race weekend.

It can take one weekend. We know the points system fluctuates very, very fast,” Webber told Autosport.

“The middle part of the Championship last year for me was very, very good, and that is what I am looking to do again but with a different result at the end. I want to keep going and keep finishing.

“Melbourne didn’t go our way – but as I said, altogether, drivers and team, we know we would have liked to have done a bit better.

“But we didn’t deserve it. You get what you deserve. We are looking to do better.”

Webber is also adamant that the running order will continue to remain close, with no team emerging with a clear lead at the next round in Spain.

“I don’t see one team breaking away at that stage. I think it will be pretty tight between all the teams – Mercedes GP is there too,” he said.

“It is going to be who is doing the most consistent job. For a team to be breaking away, of course I hope it is us, but I don’t think it is going to be easy.

“Consistency mate is the big thing. That comes with executing clean Sunday afternoons. You could write a dossier of where things could be improved, but so could Ferrari.

“There is not any team that has come away from the first four flyaways and gone, ‘yeah, we’ve left nothing on the table,’ Every team has, and we have. And we are looking to address them as quickly as we can. There are lots of things.”

The Australian, who currently sits eighth in the drivers championship, is also confident that Formula One will continue to produce superb races, with-or-without wet conditions.

“We know Malaysia was a very good race because we had Lewis out of position and Jenson, Fernando and Massa down there in qualifying,” he said.

“In Melbourne, five minutes of rain can turn the whole race on its head, which it did. And Shanghai obviously was a different grand prix. It rained for a long period of time and there were lots of different things going on so, whether it as bad as Bahrain in the future we will see, but I doubt it.

“I still think we will have some good races.

“The F-duct has been good for the racing as well. We have seen some overtaking, but whether it is mega skilful? With KERS you push the button and get a top speed advantage, but at the end of the day it is overtaking and it is good for the sport that people can overtake because we don’t get much of it nowadays.”

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