Valencia pushing ahead with F1 alternation idea

Valencia is pushing ahead with the idea it will from now on annually alternate a single grand prix race date with Barcelona.

Bernie Ecclestone recently confirmed speculation that a deal has been reached so that the sport’s Spanish hosts, whose country is struggling amid an economic crisis, will host their respective races only once every two years.

That deal was set to begin with Barcelona’s race next year, but the Circuit de Catalunya organisers said there remained some doubt, and the city authorities even pledged EUR 5 million to help the track keep its annual race date.

Valencia, however, says it remains ready to alternate.

According to Europa Press, a spokesman for the Generalitat Valenciana confirmed there has been “no modification” to the new alternating deal, which has been reached in the form of a “verbal agreement”.

“There is no modification, despite some statements we have heard,” he insisted.


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