Todt backs Mosley

Jean Todt has broken his silence and come out in support of FIA president Max Mosley. Mosley has been under fire in recent weeks ever since a British newspaper revealed allegations of dubious sexual activities in his private life. Todt has said that he amazed at the criticisms that have been levelled at Mosley over the affair.

“He is a true president,” Todt said in an interview with French newspaper Le Journal de Dimanche. “He knows his business very well because he is a hard worker, thorough and reliable. He is highly intelligent with a rare elegance. He knows how to impose his leadership when he must, with an international authority. He has worked hard for safety.

“When you see what motor sport was like 30 years ago, especially at the tracks, what he has achieved is remarkable. The number of lives saved under his guidance is absolutely phenomenal. He has taken some brave decisions, sometimes against many, such as with the HANS device. Everyone was against that, but he was right.

“His work for road safety has brought much progress. I am therefore amazed to see that people are lingering on issues which bear no relation to his position.”

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