Super Aguri secure new sponsors

This season Super Aguri have faced financial issues when their primary sponsor SS United failed to pay the total money that had been agreed upon. This led to the Super Aguri team having to cut back on their development programme due to lack of funds.

However, just ahead of their home Grand Prix in Japan, the Super Aguri team have secured a raft of sponsorship deals which will boost their financials. The Super Aguri team have done well this season and have been far more competitive than many predicted at the start of the season. This has piqued interest in Japan and helped them secure some new sponsorship deals.

SS United s stickers will now be taken off the car. In their place will be stickers for Four Leaf, a Japanese health food company who have taken over as the team s primary sponsor. Other sponsors who have signed deals include Pioneer, Cup Noodle, Carrozeria and Virgin Atlantic.

“It is a boost for the team to help us finish the season,” Daniel Audetto, managing director of Super Aguri explained. “It will guarantee our budget for the rest of the year and will help us break even so we can pay all our suppliers. And, most importantly, it means we can start 2008 with a completely clean sheet of paper.”

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