Schumacher to receive new Chassis

Michael Schumacher will be given a brand new chassis ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, as Mercedes GP attempts to do all they can to get the seven-times champion up to speed.

The German manufacturer has promised a raft of new modifications to its W01 for Barcelona, in a bid to move further towards to front and to allow Schumacher to get on to equal terms with his team-mate Nico Rosberg.

However, as well as new updates to his car, Schumacher will also enjoy a new chassis to use from Barcelona onwards, after damaging his original one.

“It’s not a new chassis per se, it’s a chassis we used in testing,” Brawn was quoted as saying by Reuters on Monday.

“The one he had got damaged during the first few races and we repaired it as best we could at the races. But now we are back at base we are going to re-introduce the test chassis and he will be using that in Barcelona.”

So far this season, Schumacher has been out outraced and outqualified by his younger team-mate, leading to many within the Formula One world to question his ability.

The new car will feature a longer wheelbase, which is hoped will be more suited to the German’s driving style.

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