Sauber: Small sidepods good enough for Malaysian heat

Sauber’s ultra-slim sidepods work well, team co-owner, founder and former boss Peter Sauber has revealed.

The Swiss team stunned its opposition when it launched the new Ferrari-powered C32, featuring the smallest sidepods seen in modern times in formula one.

The innovation, whilst providing an obvious aerodynamic benefit, raised questions about whether the tight packaging could house radiators good enough for adequate cooling.

“We had not the slightest problem with the cooling system,” Sauber, referring to the car’s impressive and reliable debut at Jerez, told Switzerland’s Motorsport Aktuell.

Jerez, however, was notably cool, raising the question of whether the cooling system will be good enough for much hotter locations.

“The values were good enough that we can extrapolate for temperatures up to 35 degrees,” said Sauber. “The bottom line is that the cooling will work just fine in Malaysia.”


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