Sauber keeps backing away from retirement plan

Peter Sauber has continued to step away from his retirement plans.

Over the past few years, in the wake of his rescue of his beloved Hinwil based team after BMW’s shock departure, the 68-year-old has continually hinted that the day Monisha Kaltenborn steers the ship alone is coming soon. But, recently, he began to backtrack, admitting simply watching the races on TV would be “the worst thing of all”.

And during a new interview with Kleine Zeitung newspaper, Sauber was told by the reporter: “So you want to retire at the end of the year …”

Sauber responded: “Who said that?”

“That’s what we’ve read in the media for months,” the journalist informed.

Sauber answered again: “There is a lot of interpretation. No. When I bought back the company from BMW, it was clear that Monisha would take over the management.

“I have also said that I don’t want to be a 70 year old on the pitwall — that would be October of next year. But the exact time when Monisha is the team leader is still open,” added Sauber.

Perhaps he is hanging on for the team’s first victory of the post-BMW era, after Sergio Perez came close a couple of times in 2012 already. Sauber is proud of bringing on new talents like the Mexican, who is tipped eventually to go to Ferrari.

“I opened the way for Schumacher in Formula One in the Mercedes days,” said Sauber. “And there was also Raikkonen, Massa, Kubica …

“We have a good car now, but we are still missing something for the victory, as errors happen again and again.”

Is the missing link a truly great driver — like Fernando Alonso?

“I won’t dream,” Sauber smiled. “But that would be fun. That would be something …”


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