Red Bull undetered by Spa’s long straights

Red Bull duo Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel are expecting a strong weekend at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix and are undaunted by the challenges posed by Spa’s long straights.

Although the RB6 has proved to be the best all-round package on the grid, the car has struggled to match the straight-line speed of the likes of the Mercedes-Benz engine.

Despite this, both drivers remain upbeat ahead of the race, with the circuit’s numerous high speed corners expected to allow the team to shine.

“I don’t think there is a driver on the grid that doesn’t look forward to Spa,” said Mark Webber in the team’s Belgian Grand Prix preview, “It’s an incredible circuit to drive on. I expect we can do well there, whether it’s as well as I did in Budapest is a question for everyone, but I know our team is ready.”

Sebastian Vettel echoed his team-mate’s comments, stating: “I love Spa, it has some of the best corner sections in Formula One, they’re long, fast-flowing and suit our car. We were very competitive in the race there last year, but we lost out in qualifying a bit. Our weakness will be the long straights and, with uphill sections too, we know it won’t be easy for us, but I am optimistic for the race.”

Red Bull Racing currently hold the lead in both the drivers and constructors championships.

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