Mosley: It was Ecclestone who tipped us off

Max Mosley, president of the FIA, has confirmed that it as Bernie Ecclestone who tipped him off to the significance of the emails exchange between the two McLaren team-mates, Fernando Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa.

On the morning of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Ron Dennis had already informed Mosley about the existence of the emails however Mosley did not realise how significant the email exchange was. Subsequently, Ecclestone informed Mosley of the importance of the emails and this prompted him into action.

“Yes he spoke to me about them and told me they were compromising,” Mosley explained to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. “I do not know who gave them to him, but I have my suspicions.”

The email exchange provided key evidence at the WMSC hearing as it proved that McLaren were in possession of some confidential Ferrari data however Mosley believes that even had the emails not surfaced in time for the trial, McLaren would still haven been punished.

“Yes, in a different way in the appeal hearing that did not take place,” Mosley explained. “McLaren probably would have been excluded for two years, the drivers would have had the points zeroed, but the fine to the team would not have been so high.”

Mosley believes that the door is not yet shut on the spy saga and with Ferrari going ahead with legal action, he may well be right.

“There are still some great mysteries was Stepney passing on information for free?” Mosley continued. “That s very unlikely therefore who paid him and why?

“There will be heavy consequences for them in the proceedings in Italy and Great Britain. No-one will hire them any more in Formula 1, that s for sure. Ours was a sporting trial in the ordinary ones, astonishing things will come out. Many of them.”

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