Merc let slip details of quarrel with McLaren

Mercedes Benz have finally given an insight into what is reportedly leading them to invest heavily in another team apart from McLaren.

The German carmaker is expected to announce a significant tie-up with the Brawn team soon, and many commentators have been left mystified by the motivation for such a switch. But today Mercedes Benz-owned Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche said that McLaren and Mercedes had fallen out over plans for a new supercar.

“For a long period we had a lack of alignment on road cars, but we have now found a clear solution and we won’t participate,” he is reported as saying by the Autocar website.

Mercedes have instead unveiled their own supercar today, the SLS. They have previously co-operated with McLaren on roadcar projects.

Zetsche went on to say that its partnership with McLaren would be redefined by its new deal with Brawn, but that it would not come to an end.

“Ending the relationship is not an option but we may have a different relationship,” he added.

McLaren will be dismayed by the reports emanating about Mercedes’ opinion. The organisations have shared a great deal of success and the Woking-based team will be loth to share Mercedes’ expertise – and its money – with a rival team.

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