Hamilton defends Switzerland move

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that moving to Switzerland was not just to escape the media frenzy it was also because the country offers high earners significantly lower tax levels than the UK.

Talking on the Michael Parkinson show about his move, Hamilton also repeated that he was moving to allow for as normal a life as possible , “I am quiet fed up with talking about Switzerland. I am just a normal person and this is quite an unreal experience I have gone literally from nowhere and I have been leap-frogged into being this superstar. It s a really weird experience.

“Just the other night I went to a book signing event with my Dad and we drove home, got out of the car and got ambushed by some people that followed us all the way home. You work for a second What do they want? And that s becoming more and more usual. But really, I want to live a normal life if I can away from things, away from the race track, and I just feel that it is another way to do that.”

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