GPDA will vote on chairman in Bahrain

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association will vote on a new president at the first race of the season in Bahrain, it has emerged. Incumbent Pedro de la Rosa has made the decision to stand down from the post after graduating to a race seat at BMW Sauber this season, and will be replaced by another driver from a direct poll.

“We have taken the decision that we will go to Bahrain, and then we will have the meeting on Friday,” de la Rosa said when asked by AUTOSPORT about the GPDA situation. “We will then ask all the GPDA members what they want to do. I personally would like another guy to step in in my position.

“I’ve done it for two years, so it is healthy. There are guys there who will have more time, and we need dedicated guys. I’ve been very happy with what I’ve done, I think I’ve done a good job, and now it is time for guys with more time to take over. However, I will leave it to them. I think that they will agree with me – but let’s see what they say.”

Fellow directors Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber have reportedly agreed with de la Rosa’s decision. A test driver would probably be best to fulfil the duties of the GPDA Chairman – with Nick Heidfeld’s name having been mentioned.

“He[idfeld] is intelligent and experienced, so why not? But it is up to the members. I am very open. If they say, ‘Pedro, we want you to continue’ then I don’t know. I hope not! But I think Heidfeld would be a very good candidate,” said de la Rosa.

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