Ferrari – new aero package

Ferrari F2007 carFerrari haven’t had the best couple of races with McLaren beating them hands down. To try and reclaim the top spot, Ferrari will be testing a new aerodynamic package at the Silverstone test this week, ahead of French Grand Prix.

“We have a completely different aerodynamic package to try at Silverstone,” Luca Baldiserri, Ferrari’s head of track operations explained. “So hopefully we can have another step aerodynamically. We hope that the weather will be with us too – at the moment we have quite a lot of rainfall forecast.”

Ferrari will also be looking into the setup of the cars to see if they can make some small changes to give the cars more pace. “That would be a solution, an easy solution,” Baldiserri continued. “If we can find with the set-up, the two or three tenths that at the moment we are missing, they will be welcome and it would be a straightforward solution. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are all there. We have to understand; investigate all areas aerodynamically, mechanically, but on the engine as well.”

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