Ferrari corrects Montezemolo’s F1 ‘quit threat’

Ferrari back-pedalled on Monday after comments by its president Luca di Montezemolo were reported as a Formula One “quit threat”.

Railing against F1’s emphasis on aerodynamic technology, the absence of ‘customer car’ rules and private testing, Montezemolo told reporters at the weekend that “without Ferrari there is no Formula One”.

“We can be very patient but there are precise conditions for us to continue with our work,” he was quoted as saying. “If Formula One still wants Ferrari it must change and go back to being at the cutting edge of research, while always keeping an eye on costs.”

The subsequent media headlines attracted the attention of Ferrari’s ‘Horse Whisperer’ – an anonymous columnist who regularly hits back at the way issues relating to the Maranello based team are reported.

“Montezemolo’s observations were seen by some as a sort of ultimatum or even a threat to leave Formula One,” the columnist noted, “but the Whisperer can assure you that it was nothing of the kind.”

The column insisted that, rather, Montezemolo was being “totally constructive” and has “the future wellbeing of the greatest form of motor sport close to his heart”.


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