Ferrari call on Massa to contribute to 2010 campaign

Ferrari have called on Felipe Massa to make a positive contribution to their 2010 campaign.

Massa is very much the number two driver at the Maranello squad, with his chances of the drivers’ crown virtually finished, and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo made a plea for Massa to help the team in the final races.

“I have waited for Felipe with great perseverance in the last four races. I want a strong Massa who will shave points off the rivals,” the Italian told Autosport.

“In Singapore he had some bad luck, but he is in good condition to win. Those who race for Ferrari don’t race for themselves, but for the Ferrari team colours. One who wants to race for himself will have to face his team.”

di Montezemolo went on to say that the decision to favour Alonso, made earlier in the season, had been vindicated by events.

“First of all the decision to focus on Alonso has been proven to be right. He is extremely strong and very close to the team, and has been able to blend in well from day one despite the concerns of some.

“The second is the spirit of determination of the team that has never been broken and disjointed, it has shown great ability to respond and fight back and knows how to win even under pressure. The third is to have also focused on people like [Stefano] Domenicali and [Aldo] Costa who have proven to be absolutely vital”.

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