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Ferrari admit to ‘mistakes at every level’

Ferrari have admitted that they made mistakes during today s race mistakes that possibly cost Raikkonen a race win.

“We could have won this race with Kimi but we made a key mistake at the first pitstop, choosing to stay on the same set of tyres,” Stefano Domenicali explained. “The rain did not ease off and lasted longer and our drivers – Felipe had also gone for the same choice – found themselves in difficulty.

“With hindsight it’s easy to say we should have changed tyres, but Formula One is not an exact science – sometimes strategic choices pay off and sometimes they don’t. All the same, we have to admit that, this weekend, we did not operate to our usual standard.

“We made mistakes at every level and even our performance did not match our expectations and now we have to work out why, but calmly without panicking.”

Felipe Massa had a dismal race, spinning five times and finding himself being lapped twice.

“It was definitely more difficult than I expected,” Massa explained. “It was a very tough race, it was very difficult to keep the car on the track with so many mistakes, it was definitely a race to forget and we have to start thinking of the next one.

“It’s not just been a bad race it’s been a bad weekend. Every day something has happened, especially with me so it was definitely a bad weekend and we need to think about the best one.

“We cannot go back and just look at what happened today – we need to think about the next race. The conditions today were very difficult so we need to concentrate and we know that we are competitive so we are in a good position in the championship so we just need to keep working like we did until now.”

Massa has also revealed he is unsure why he struggled so much in today s race the Brazilian found himself in the unusual position of finishing last. “I don t know,” he explained.

“For sure I was in trouble to drive the car in the wet and I made so many mistakes, it was because of the aquaplaning, I could not hold the car on the straights so it was difficult to comment. The conditions were very difficult and sometimes these things can happen.”

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