Interlagos finale won’t use temporary chicane

The 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix will not use a temporary chicane.

Stock car driver Gustavo Sondermann was sadly killed at Cafe Corner when he lost control in the wet. The accident prompted many to call for changes to be made to the layout of the circuit to prevent any further tragedies. In Feburary, a motorcycle rider was also killed at the same corner.

Many of the races being held at the circuit in the next few weeks will use a temporary chicane however it has now been confirmed that F1 will not follow suit and the course will be without the new temporary addition. The circuit imporvements, which include removing one of the grandstands, will not be made until after the F1 2011 finale.

Following recent fatalities at Interlagos’ Cafe corner, circuit improvements – requiring the removal of a grandstand – will not be done until after F1’s 2011 finale.

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