Driver support for the Australian Grand Prix

With Bernie Ecclestone threatening to axe the Australian Grand Prix from the Formula One calendar thanks to a dispute over what time the race should be held, many drivers given their support for the Grand Prix to remain on the calendar.

“I really like this country,” Giancarlo Fisichella explained. “There is a fantastic atmosphere around the town. I have great memories of Melbourne I had my first race here in 1996 and I won here in 2005. It is a special place for me and it would be nice to keep coming here in the future.”

It is no surprise that Mark Webber, the only Australian in the current F1 field, is also supporting the race. “The Australian Grand Prix has been going for over 20 years so there is a lot of history here,” he explained. “There have been a lot of historic moments and special drivers that have come here to race and we should really keep that in mind and embrace it.

“I think we need to work hard to try and continue to keep the event here, irrespective of whether there s an Australian on the grid or not. I know it s a long way to come from Europe in terms of logistics, but once everyone gets here and settles in, it s a great event. It s a safe city as well which is useful because not all cities we go are safe, so we can relax and enjoy it.”

Heikki Kovalainen has only raced at Albert Park once, but he is already a fan of the circuit. “For me, it s great,” he began. “I get a bit of sun tan over here! I don t mind where they start the season but this is a great country and I hope we keep the race in Australia.”

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