Doctor advises Kubica not to race at Indianapolis

BMW SauberRenowned physician Dr Bernd Kabelka has spoken to the German newspaper Bild about worries that Kubica is planning to race this weekend at Indianapolis. Following a high speed crash in Montreal on Sunday, Kubica emerged from hospital on Monday evening having suffered only minor concussion and a sprained ankle.

Dr. Kabelka has said that if Kubica suffers another concussion at Indianapolis this weekend, he could risk his life. The track features concrete-lined banking that left Ralf Schumacher unconscious after a crash a few years back.

“Sensory and motor losses are possible,” Dr. Kabelka explained. “So are memory gaps and visual disturbances. In the worst case, the brain can swell and the pressure can be fatal. I consider it extremely dangerous for Kubica to drive again straight away.”

It seems Kubica is not heeding this advice as his name is already featured over one of the BMW-Sauber garages at Indianapolis, although both Sebastien Vettel and Timo Glock have travelled to the US in case Kubica is not declared fit by the FIAs chief medical officer.

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