Button’s ultimatum

Jenson Button has long come under flack from the British media for staying with under-par team Honda however the British driver has now warned his team that if the car does not significantly improve in 2008, he will leave the team.

2007 was a poor season for the Japanese team Button scored just six points whilst team-mate Barrichello was unable to score a single point all season.

“The car was a complete dog and I am just not interested in racing like this any more,” Button explained. “I remember after Hungary this year wanting to hit something I had won the same race 12 months previously and now I was there sitting in something which was undriveable.

“I have to start winning and if I don t, then I have to be ruthless. There is an option in my contract which means we can all sit down and discuss the future at the end of the season if things do not work out, that s exactly what I will be doing. I m not saying I expect to win the world title but I do expect a dramatic improvement.”

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