Bourdais joins Superleague Formula

Scuderia Toro Rosso refugee Sebastian Bourdais has joined FC Sevilla in the Superleague Formula series. The Frenchman will start racing
in the football and motorsport crosssover series at the next race in Portugal and today said how happy he was.

“For a driver, Superleague Formula is the best alternative to F1. Today, it s the only other championship in Europe to offer a driver the possibility of racing single-seaters at a high, professional level.

“I am also a firm believer in the concept of merging motorsport and football. It s a partnership that offers enormous potential and should have a good future. Once the championship is established and more widely known, I am sure Superleague Formula will be very strong.

“The test at Magny-Cours made me realise just how fun the car is to drive. An F1 car is faster because it s lighter, but the Elan V12 happens to be a very competitive car, benefiting from a lot of aerodynamic downforce and a very potent engine, driveable and powerful across the rev range and offering a large scope of usage. It s a consistent single-seater that s a pleasure to drive.

“I will discover a qualifying system which is different to what I ve been used to, as it requires a very tactical approach. As far as the three races go, the totally reversed grid for the second reminds me of Formula Campus. This creates a lot of overtaking opportunities which improves the overall show on-track, especially if the objective is to secure a place in the Super Final. To some degree, though, Superleague Formula reminds me of racing in Champ Cars.

“My desire is evidently to be competitive straight away at Estoril. Now, I only did a few laps in the car and the team is quite new to the championship, so to win as soon as my first race will not be easy for sure. I also want to have fun, which hasn t often been the case for me during this last year…”

Bourdais has something of a chance to redeem his reputation in the series, which is renowned for its close racing.

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