Bernie wants to change points system

In a report in Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, it claims that Bernie Ecclestone does not like the current points system and he has vowed to push for change. He states that the current system does not reward the winner of the race sufficiently.

“With second place getting 8 points, it is not right that the winner takes only 10,” Ecclestone explained. “For 2008, I will propose a change.”

The points gap between first and second place was widened after 2002 because Michael Schumacher dominated the championship and he victory was assured early in the season.

However, Ecclestone has admitted that there could be knock-on effects if the points system was changed – drivers in second place may not be motivated to push for the win.

Ecclestone has also suggested that the year’s world champion should be decided on number of race wins, rather than points accumulated.

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