Alonso optimistic for Principality race

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso has said he is optimistic ahead of this upcoming weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The Spaniard had a stellar start in front of his adoring home crowd in Barcelona yesterday and despite falling back to finish fifth ultimately, is intending to take some impetus into the street circuit race.

“I think it will be very interesting to see the cars perform in Monaco. I am reasonably optimistic for Monaco because it is a very unique venue, a unique track with a very special set-up that we use,” he said.

“There is one clear thing, we are lacking downforce and in Monaco you normally put on maximum downforce, and our maximum downforce is not enough, we are sure of that.

“But I have more or less the same feeling as last year. We finished Barcelona with some gap to Red Bull, 1.2 seconds in qualifying, and in the race they were very easy for the win. We arrived in Monaco and they were very competitive.

“This year in Barcelona again they dominate[d] the weekend so there is still the hope that we can repeat what happened last year and we are…competitive as well,” he finished.

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