Alonso: Hamilton was lucky

Fernando Alonso, who now trails his team-mate in the drivers championship, has said he is not downbeat after a poor race result and has branded Hamilton’s race win as “lucky”.

“I am fine,” Alonso said. “What do you want me to say? It has been a difficult race but I prefer to be in my position that Kubica’s. You don’t even want to race at all when you see someone crash like that. I am second in the world championship and I have a car that can win races. With eleven races to go I still feel like I am the favourite for the title.”

When asked about Hamilton’s win, Alonso explained, “He had the luck with the safety car and I did not but this is normal. Because of it, the race was a lottery and the spectators got to see a Williams on the podium.”

Asked if he had congratulated Hamilton yet, Alonso replied, “Not yet – I haven’t even seen him. But I will. He’s in the best position now and all the rest of us must recover. But I still see the title as being disputed by four drivers.”

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