Alonso annoyed after media’s interest in new front wing

The interest in Ferrari’s 2012 front wing in Korea left Fernando Alonso annoyed.

“I think it’s to do with the team, not the journalists,” Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport quotes the Spaniard as saying in Korea, where his 150 Italia was fitted with the radical new wing.

Media reports analysed in detail the difference between the new and old wing and its performance in Korea relative to the regular specification driven by Alonso’s teammate Felipe Massa.

“As I’ve said before, in these last four races we need to learn a lot about 2012,” Alonso said. “Gaining or losing a tenth is a very low priority at the end of this season compared to finding the direction for next year’s car.

“We are working with a specific goal that is not easy for you (reporters) to understand,” he added.

“I do not think the readers are interested to get up in the morning and read about three or four points of downforce, certain diameters – I think they want to know who is fourth or fifth or whether you are working for the grand prix or the next year.

“The details seem very superficial to me.”

On the radio towards the end of Sunday’s Korean grand prix, Alonso was heard to tell his team “I give up” – a call rarely heard from the double world champion.

Alonso insists his focus is on what will make the 2012 season better.

“I will come to work (in 2011) to gain experience for the things for next year,” he is quoted by AS sports newspaper. “We can try some experimental parts and also (experiment with) how to deal with the weekends.”

The 30-year-old is currently third in the drivers’ championship.

“If we can get one tenth (for the 2012 car) from the information and yet finish fifth in the championship, I would sign it now,” insisted Alonso.

“No one expects us to come to India and have the pole and the win. Expect us to be fourth or fifth in qualifying and third, fourth or fifth in the race,” he said.


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