Super Aguri to miss more testing

Super AguriIt is reported that Super Aguri will be missing yet another Formula One test session. Most F1 teams are expected to test for three or four days towards the end of April at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain.

Super Aguri missed out on much winter testing thanks to some financial problems. Despite being bought out the Magma Group, it appears that their troubles are continuing the final agreement has not yet been finalised with their buyers and this means that the team are still having to hold back on development and testing.

The lack of testing and the lack of money (causing a lack in spare parts) can be seen in this season s race meets the Super Aguri team have failed to develop their 2008 car much meaning drivers Sato and Davidson are seeing little free practice time, and can normally be seen running at the back of the field. The team are hoping that the final agreement will soon be finalised so that they can finally get back on track and start improving their 2008 season.

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