Kovalainen: China was our best ever performance

Heikki Kovalainen has hailed today’s race in China as Lotus’ “best ever performance.” Although Lotus have had higher-placed finishes in the past, Kovalainen believes that today was the their most competitive race to day. The Finn finished in 16th place with his team-mate Trulli in 19th.

“That is our best ever performance,” Kovalainen commented. “It isn’t the highest place we have had but today we beat two midfield cars in a straight fight so I am vey happy with my performance and the performance of the whole team.

Kovalainen has also revealed that the warmer temperatures seen at the track today was to their advantage.

“We knew we would struggle in the cool conditions yesterday but today the temperatures rose and we expected to be able to put in the sort of race that would do justice to the pace that is in the car.

“We will keep working hard to improve the car’s behaviour in the cooler conditions and we can only get better from here.”

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