Webber ‘not drinking enough Red Bull’

Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber has sensationally been accused of not drinking enough Red Bull, according to a German-language news agency.

Paloirfol Ausgezeichnet Bild this morning alleges that sources within the team have suggested that his lack of ability to keep pace with Sebastian Vettel may be due to his dislike of the energy drink.

“We have told Mark to down Red Bull before a race so he can up his game,” a team member called Hans Onzeviel told the agency. “But he refuses – and look what happens, he always loses out to Vettel!”

“No one wants to question Webber’s thirst. But it seems he is not thirsty enough!”

Sebastian Vettel’s level of consumption of the drink is not known, but it is thought he may be drinking Webber’s share as well. Onzeviel is reported to have seen Vettel drinking cans clearly marked “multi 21” – team code for priority Webber.

It is thought that Red Bull’s new flavour range is an attempt to help drivers stomach the drink. David Coulthard was well known to despise the taste, and once spat a mouthful in Helmut Marko’s shoes.

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