James Hunt Movie

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Re: James Hunt movie

Postby Hammer278 »

LOL how the hell is Hemsworth going to fit in the car! That guy is like 8 feet tall or smth.
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Re: James Hunt movie

Postby zurich_allan »

Search is your friend... :wink:



Looking forward to seeing if they do a proper an accurate reflection or a 'rose tinted' version. Will be interesting either way. :)
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Re: James Hunt movie

Postby LewEngBridewell »

I'm really looking forward to this! This looks like it will be a fine film. :D

I also didn't realise the only footage of the real crash is just the one clip filmed by an 8 year old boy!
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Re: James Hunt movie

Postby MACH141 »

racechick wrote:I apologise if you already know about it, I didnt...well I dont think I did :confused:
Anyway.... new Hollywood movie about the showdown between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda in the 1976 world championship.
Here's a few bits of info about it:-

Playing James Hunt -Chris Hemworth (Thor/Avengers)Looks like him!
Playing Lauda-Daniel Bruhl
The director, Ron Howard, seems pleased not to have used any token American actors to appease the home market
Brands Hatch being used for of the Monza scenes.
The crash will be filmed at the Nordschleife itself.(the only actual footage of the crash was filmed by an eight year old boy so they're going to refilm using stunt drivers)
Niki Faulkner a British racer will teach the actors and co-ordinate the the driving sequences. He doubles for Hunt but his parents actually named after Lauda.
Inflatable dummies will be used to fill the grandstands.
Hunt's original championship winning Mclaren and Lauda's Ferrari are used for the detail shots but replicas for the action shots.

A couple of quotes from the director
" This really was a time when umpalumpa was safe and motor racing was dangerous. The deathe each year were like combat statistics, but no one would back off"

" If Hollywood had written the script from scratch, it would not have been believed".

Hmmm. Im looking forward to this :)

Its look like a great story, Ill look forward to see the movie
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Re: James Hunt movie

Postby What's Burning? »

Given Ron Howard's record for accuracy in story telling, I think it will be a good mix of detail. This is the same guy that did Apollo 13.
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Re: James Hunt movie

Postby geetface9 »

What's Burning? wrote:Given Ron Howard's record for accuracy in story telling, I think it will be a good mix of detail. This is the same guy that did Apollo 13.

He also did A Beautiful Mind...awesome movie!!

I'm quite excited for this because hopefully it will expose F1 to more people, especially my friends, and it will be a movie which should get a lot more people excited about seeing it. documentaries have no appeal to people who are unfamiliar with F1.
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Re: James Hunt movie

Postby racechick »

He's trying to keep it as close as possible to reality. To the point they halted filming at one point to verify at exactly which point Lauda would put on his race balaclava. They didnt resume filminguntil they'd spoken to Lauda. They're in constant communication with him over the details.
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Re: James Hunt Movie

Postby scotty »

Merged all threads etc. Looking forward to this, even if it is using actors rather than pure documentary Senna style.
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Re: James Hunt Movie

Postby Chris_1701 »

I'm looking forward to this film. We need more F1 films, I think. A film about the mid to late 80's seasons would be cool, possibly even an early 90's one, too. If any others were done, it would be cool for them all to be done as part of a series. I know in the past that racing movies never made much of an impact on movie goers or critics, but if this one is done right, it should be one to remember.

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