A differing approach for Manor

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Re: A differing approach for Manor

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autogyro wrote:
Jabberwocky wrote:the problem is that there is only one Newey. I think another problem is that it is down to the communication amongs a design team. If one man designs the whole car he will know why this bit is there and that bit is there. If it is built by commitiee there is gonna be problems and arguments

Was that why Adrian left Williams. Patrick was certainly a technical match and there is usualy only one genius.

Newey left Williams because of the allegations arising after Imola 1994, and also the way Damon Hill was being treated in 1996 when the team decided to back JV for the Championship.
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Re: A differing approach for Manor

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Hmmm interesting.
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Re: A differing approach for Manor

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myownalias wrote:The only reservation I would have with using a computer to calculate aerodynamics is that the program is only as good as the person who programmed it.

And the main additional problem there is that literally only a few people (or geniuses in other words) understand it well enough to be able to programme such a ridiculously complex system in the first place, so the potential for a configuration error is high... although i have no doubt they'd be able to get the right people in at this level of technicality. It should also save them a hell of a lot of money in the long run doing it this way.
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Re: A differing approach for Manor

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Newey was also looking to advance his career - i.e., become a Technical Director. Though, it always struck me that Newey was, or certainly became, quite an unsettled person, always looking for a new challenge. After having success with Williams, he wanted to try something new at McLaren. And after achieving decent success at McLaren, he wanted to move on to another team and maybe from Formula One altogether.
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Re: A differing approach for Manor

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Newey has driver envy
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