The greatest f1 podium of all time...

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Re: The greatest f1 podium of all time...

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1984 Portugese Grand Prix. Lauda, Prost and Senna. :wavey:

But I think Spain '93 takes the cake. 14 World Championships (potentially) between them.
#5 Vettel!:cloud9:
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Re: The greatest f1 podium of all time...

Postby racechick »

Silverstone-I forget the date
Lewis hamilton
Juan Pablo Montoya
Ayrton Senna


Hey, I can dream :P
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Re: The greatest f1 podium of all time...

Postby FOR NUMBER 27 »

how about MONZA 1988 GERHARD winning for the Old Man , Patrick Tambay winning in 1983 at San Marino in memory of Gilles
For number 27 , Alesi winning in Montreal 1995 , Arnoux and Tambay in montreal 1983 when Patrick blast Rene in the side of the head with a fire hose of champaign while Rene was struggling to get his bottle open , Monza 1979 , Spain 1981 at Jarama