Best battle in history?

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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby bud »

:rofl: History buff LRW?
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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby LRW »

bud wrote::rofl: History buff LRW?

No. Copy n Paste expert.
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Re: Best battle in history?



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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby Fluffy »

Imo the best battle was Senna v Mansell in Monaco 1992.
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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby LewEngBridewell »

Seb VS Narain Karthikeyen in Sepang was mint. Best ever. It was that good, we're still talking about it in other threads.
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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby CHR1S UK »

welshie wrote:I'm sure we've all seen this video before, but surely its worth just one more look :D

Villeneuve v Arnoux . . . . enjoy

I do agree with you on that one but also Villeneuve v Peroni at Imola in 1982
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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby madbrad »

GV and DP weren't engaged in a fight for position. That wasn'r exactly racing. The two just had different ideas about what they were supposed to do:

From Wiki:
Ferrari ordered their drivers to slow down to minimize the risk of mechanical failure or running out of fuel. Villeneuve believed this order also meant that the cars were to maintain position on the track, with Villeneuve ahead of Pironi. However, Pironi believed that the cars were free to race, and passed Villeneuve. Villeneuve believed that Pironi was simply trying to spice up an otherwise dull race, and duly re-passed his teammate, assuming that he would then hold station for the remainder of the race. Thus, Villeneuve failed to protect the inside line going into the Tosa corner on the final lap, and Pironi passed him to take the win. Villeneuve was irate at what he saw as Pironi's betrayal, although opinion inside the Ferrari team was split over the true meaning of the order to slow down. Villeneuve's expression was sullen on the podium, enraged by Pironi's actions. He was quoted afterwards as saying, "I'll never speak to Pironi again in my life." They proved to be prophetic words, as he was still not on speaking terms with his teammate when he died during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix two weeks later.
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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby IceCube »

Senna vs Prost... thats all i can say.
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Re: Best battle in history?

Postby Richach »

As we have just been reminded by Steve Rider Hakkinen vs Schumacher Spa 2000 check you tube wow! Mikka very proud and you can see why. :hehe: