I'm really looking forward to this...

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I'm really looking forward to this...

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Formula One stars Eddie Irvine and David Coulthard lead a battle of the sexes in a new reality show.
Teams of celebrities will compete on a Grand Prix track in The Race, hosted by Denise Van Outen.
Coulthard's all-girl team includes singer Cerys Matthews and actress Melissa Joan Hart. DJ Goldie joins actor Frankie Muniz in the boys' team, captained by Irvine.
Challenges include racing monster trucks to win pole position in the show, on Sky One in November.

Have all these F1 stars run out of money or something? They seem to be doing an awful lot of trash TV these days....For those of you who haven't had the pleausre: "Eddie Jordan's Bad Boy Racers". It's not so bad (as these sorts of things go), however. I'd had given my right arm to do something like this when I was 17. I obviously should have been out nicking cars :roll:
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unfortunately i haven't got SKY........ :roll:
anyway, in italy there's nothing like this...i think we have the best trash shows of europe...no...in the world!!!


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look, some things are just not right and here we have a perfect example :(
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