The 2007 Losers

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They didn't run the dampers. Still don't think they improved much - remember, there was a testing ban in place. It was all down to the tires and conditions, which didn't favor Ferrari. Look at how dismal FM circled around the track. Granted, he's no MS, the rainmeister, but c'mon, that can't be the true picture of Ferrari's current performance.
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Renault were affected by the loss of the mass dampers in germany that was the first race that a renault wasnt the highest michelin runner. compared to previous races where they lost to teams on bridgestone.
last race was a oddity i wouldnt put much thought into teams performances, unless they are all wet from now to the end of the year which i doubt ;) but its to hard to tell if renault pegged anyting back in hungary!
Mclaren will be doing Ferrari a favour if they become the leading Michelin runner, DD going for Rons team :P
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darwin_dali wrote:he's no MS, the rainmeister

but...are we sure that he's still the rainmaster?? i don't think so, do you remember Brazil 2003, when he slipped out of the track? Or this year in Hungary, when soon after the safety car entered the pits, he turned??
I remember "epic" races, like Spa 98 (well, ehm....BEFORE the accident with DC :oops:...), Barcelona 96...