Hey all :)

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Hey all :)

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Hi All :wavey:

Hope you're all doing great, I'm Naz, I work for a company called GhostBikes, used to watch a lot of F1 when I was a teenager but not so much now if I'm honest! Just writing this post with prior permission from an admin and thankfully his agreed it would be ok for me to post :D

I’m writing this on behalf of GhostBikes and The Destination Café in Preston, Lancashire. We're predominately a retailer of Motorcycle & Motocross Clothing and recently added a cafe to our premises too. The cafe has a large 3M x 5M screen which we often show Live Motorsports on, the idea was that our screen would give priority to Motorsports rather than football which usually takes priority elsewhere.

Recently we've had a couple of F1 fans express interest in us possibly screening live F1 Races at our café, we are reaching out to the F1 communities to see whether there would be an interest. The café can seat around 100 people which when filled with likeminded fans will make for a great atmosphere.

We would open the café especially for the event if the races are shown outside of our normal hours and ideally would want to have this as a pre-booked event that is catered for so we could make it viable. We'd look to do like a meal deal and would keep the pricing low. As an example the first race is around 5am UK time so we could do a breakfast deal and open the venue up especially for the event.

Below is a for the 360 tour of our cafe area to give you an idea of the screen size and seating, there's loads of free parking too on site.

https://www.google.com/maps/uv?hl=en&pb ... G3oECA8QBg

It'd be great to hear your thoughts, whether it's something that's worth doing or not so much. It's something new for us to so we're up for any suggestions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.