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Re: Welcome Back!

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You dawg! :hehe:
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Re: Welcome Back!

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Big Azza wrote:I don't think I can say I'm back posting regularly yet. Life just seems to have got in the way.... And now that F1 is on Pay TV, I really haven't been following it.

Hopefully, new owners, Liberty Media will bring F1 back to the masses on Free-To-Air channels.
Big Azza wrote:I kind of feel guilty that my not posting has contributed to this forum going quiet. (Although I doubt my 2000 posts or so would have made a difference! :P )

It hasn't gone quiet, we are now a secret society... don't tell anyone!
Big Azza wrote:As I posted in another thread.... I got married last month. My wife's name is Precious. She's in the Philippines. I've spent a bit of time travelling back and forth these past few months. Hopefully her visa to join me in Australia will be approved next month! It's expensive; $10,000 AUD! :eek:

Congrats on your recent nuptials, hopefully, you and your new bride can reunite in Australia soon. Personally, I was the one being imported, my wife imported me from the UK to the US, and it's been 9 years of sometimes wedded bliss.
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