How is a title won?

Setting aside the premise that a title is decided by the number of points accumulated...

I prefer the season go down to the last race, thus the double points system in place at Abu Dhabi is a brainstorm.
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I prefer the season go down to the last race, without the artificial boost of double points.
My heart would prefer the title be decided one to two races before the end of the season.
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Re: How is a title won?

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CookinFlat6 wrote:Thats rather convenienet then, isnt it, :wink:

What, that you can hold everyone to the truth and facts and have the ability to use them properly all which should be sought out before we post, and then come up with that lot of half-baked nonsense, and in no way see what a mockery you're making of the integrity you bang on about.

Yup, convenient.
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Re: How is a title won?

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Its convenient that there is so much there that you can factually dismiss, that you are unable to factually dismiss anything, Instead you are forced to insult :thumbup:

Try this, then pick the first claim you dont agree with, and explain why, then give me a chance to respond

no need to call something half baked, show how it is half baked

if you can :thumbup:
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