Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

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Re: Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

Postby What's Burning? »

I've been reading up on graphine based superconductor capacitors and how they're being looked at as a potential replacement (or at least augmenter) of batteries in electric cars. Less weight, faster power release, quicker to charge and super thin so it can be used inside panels, doors and roof.

Graphene-based supercapacitor with carbon nanotube film as highly efficient current collector


Flexible graphene-based thin film supercapacitors were made using carbon nanotube (CNT) films as current collectors and graphene films as electrodes. The graphene sheets were produced by simple electrochemical exfoliation, while the graphene films with controlled thickness were prepared by vacuum filtration. The solid-state supercapacitor was made by using two graphene/CNT films on plastic substrates to sandwich a thin layer of gelled electrolyte. We found that the thin graphene film with thickness <1 ?m can greatly increase the capacitance. Using only CNT films as electrodes, the device exhibited a capacitance as low as ~0.4 mF cm?2, whereas by adding a 360 nm thick graphene film to the CNT electrodes led to a ~4.3 mF cm?2 capacitance. We experimentally demonstrated that the conductive CNT film is equivalent to gold as a current collector while it provides a stronger binding force to the graphene film. Combining the high capacitance of the thin graphene film and the high conductivity of the CNT film, our devices exhibited high energy density (8?14 Wh kg?1) and power density (250?450 kW kg?1).

QUT leading the charge for panel-powered car
A car powered by its own body panels could soon be driving on our roads after a breakthrough in nanotechnology research by a QUT team.

Researchers have developed lightweight "supercapacitors" that can be combined with regular batteries to dramatically boost the power of an electric car.

The discovery was made by Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Jinzhang Liu, Professor Nunzio Motta and PhD researcher Marco Notarianni, from QUT's Science and Engineering Faculty - Institute for Future Environments, and PhD researcher Francesca Mirri and Professor Matteo Pasquali, from Rice University in Houston, in the United States.

The supercapacitors - a "sandwich" of electrolyte between two all-carbon electrodes - were made into a thin and extremely strong film with a high power density.

The film could be embedded in a car's body panels, roof, doors, bonnet and floor - storing enough energy to turbocharge an electric car's battery in just a few minutes.

The findings, published in the Journal of Power Sources and the Nanotechnology journal, mean a car partly powered by its own body panels could be a reality within five years, Mr Notarianni said.

"Vehicles need an extra energy spurt for acceleration, and this is where supercapacitors come in. They hold a limited amount of charge, but they are able to deliver it very quickly, making them the perfect complement to mass-storage batteries," he said.

"Supercapacitors offer a high power output in a short time, meaning a faster acceleration rate of the car and a charging time of just a few minutes, compared to several hours for a standard electric car battery."

Dr Liu said currently the "energy density" of a supercapacitor is lower than a standard lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery, but its "high power density", or ability to release power in a short time, is "far beyond" a conventional battery.

"Supercapacitors are presently combined with standard Li-Ion batteries to power electric cars, with a substantial weight reduction and increase in performance," he said.

"In the future, it is hoped the supercapacitor will be developed to store more energy than a Li-Ion battery while retaining the ability to release its energy up to 10 times faster - meaning the car could be entirely powered by the supercapacitors in its body panels.

"After one full charge this car should be able to run up to 500km - similar to a petrol-powered car and more than double the current limit of an electric car."

Dr Liu said the technology would also potentially be used for rapid charges of other battery-powered devices.

"For example, by putting the film on the back of a smart phone to charge it extremely quickly," he said.

The discovery may be a game-changer for the automotive industry, with significant impacts on financial, as well as environmental, factors.

"We are using cheap carbon materials to make supercapacitors and the price of industry scale production will be low," Professor Motta said.

"The price of Li-Ion batteries cannot decrease a lot because the price of Lithium remains high. This technique does not rely on metals and other toxic materials either, so it is environmentally friendly if it needs to be disposed of."

The researchers are part of QUT's Battery Interest Group, a cross-faculty group that aims to engage industry with battery-related research.

The technology keeps moving forward.
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Re: Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

Postby CookinFlat6 »

The car makers are betting everything that the technology to solve all the issues with electric is a couple of years away

They stand to make a complete killing as ofcourse everyone will need to swap their old ice to a new electric car. And they will be able to completely leave out the oil industry which would mean more money spent on the cars and it's auxiliaries instead. The car companies would rather you can drive 500 miles on free solar power, than waste it on a massive component they don't control - the petrol. Which also means more people can afford to buy a car and buy their extras

This is why tesla has been valued like an early 2000s internet company with a silly name and next to no relative income
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Re: Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

Postby stonemonkey »

What's Burning? wrote:
The technology keeps moving forward.

Volvo have been working on this for some time, the car gets lighter with less or no battery packs, meaning smaller motors required, in turn making the car lighter again etc.

The time for mass consumption of EVs will come, just not yet.
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Re: Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

Postby darwin dali »

F1's Handkammer to Tesla!

Apr.8 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Sebastian Vettel’s former chief mechanic has swapped a 25-year career in formula one for the world of electric road cars.

Last October, we reported that Kenny Handkammer had left Red Bull.

“We have found someone else for this position better suited in the course of the restructuring of the team,” Dr Helmut Marko announced at the time.

At the time, some were linking the news with Vettel’s soon-to-be-announced Ferrari switch.

But Handkammer has in fact now re-emerged at Tesla Motors, an American electric road car company.

“He will apply formula one techniques to revolutionise serving mainstream cars,” said Tesla chief executive Elon Musk.

Handkammer’s F1 career dates all the way back to the early 90s, when he was a mechanic on Michael Schumacher’s Benetton car.

He was also a member of Renault’s title-winning era with Fernando Alonso, before moving on to Red Bull, where he worked with Vettel as the German won four consecutive championships.

“I think I had the best years in formula one, winning many world championships with the best people in the sport,” Handkammer is quoted by Spain’s El Confidencial.

“I wanted a new challenge and will now work with one of the big innovators in road cars,” he said.
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Re: Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

Postby overboost »

How long before Tesla is in Formula e?
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Re: Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

Postby Stephen »

overboost wrote:How long before Tesla is in Formula e?

Soon I hope, they are the future. All I hope is that the politicians don't ban all gas powered cars by 2040 (as the Lib Dems suggested here yesterday). You'd see the £6bn UK classic car industry which employees over 30,000 people disappear, and a century's worth of skills lost forever.

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Re: Tesla gets sporty with new electric car, the Model 3

Postby Jabberwocky »

I was looking into the prospect of getting a Tesla S. It all seems to good to be true really

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