Jake Humphrey to leave BBC F1 at the end of the season

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Re: Jake Humphrey to leave BBC F1 at the end of the season

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andrew wrote:
LewEngBridewell wrote:
andrew wrote:
racechick wrote:She used to do motoGP. Nothing special. She won't fill Jakes boots :(

She won't fill them 'cos she'll be far better than Jake Humpty Numpty who should have stuck to Blue Peter or whatever kids show he came from.

I personally think Jake was a good presenter. But I know opinion has largely been divided.

He wasn't at all knowledgable. He just seemed to ask stupid question after stupid question (probably why he's now going to be presenting footyball). If they got rid of Eddie Jordan, the BBC presenter line-up would be the best it's been since the days of Murray Walker and Johnathan Palmer.

That is the host's job. To be a proxy for the less knowledgeable fans and let the colour and tech people fill in. He wasn't in the commentary box, he presented the pre-shows and wrap-ups. I think he did an outstanding job and I think the pairing of Jake, EJ and DC was a great team. It bugged me when they got a little too silly sometimes with Top Gear style pranks, but they seemed to reel it in and get back to putting on a very good show.

Jake, EJ, DC, Ted, Martin B & the lovely Lee... That is the epitome of a great F1 group. Yes Murray would have been nice, but I don't think he could do an entire season of GPs anymore.
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Re: Jake Humphrey to leave BBC F1 at the end of the season

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The best choice that the BBC could have made! She has everything a presenter needs and more. Plus she's very approachable too. Had a chat with her at Donnington in the Moto GP paddock and got her autograph. Last year at the marshalls pits walkabout Ted Kravitz didn't want too know. The BBC coverage just got 1000% better without showing a frame

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