Spoiler positioning?

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Re: Spoiler positioning?

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andrew wrote:
atommo wrote:
Jabberwocky wrote:
darwin dali wrote:
Jabberwocky wrote:I think the short answer is, because the rules says so.

Hysterically I think it if because it would have to be mounted behind the gearbox

Hysterically, um, sure! :hehe:

I blame apple for designing the autocorrect on my android phone.

So... What was "Hysterically" meant to be? [Physically maybe?]


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Re: Spoiler positioning?

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LRW wrote:
andrew wrote:
LRW wrote:
Maldonado flies for the Military...?

And he controls the weather and he could well read this forum so ya'll in for it now! :whip::twisted:


Controls the weather - WTF did New Orleans ever do to him....?

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