myownalias' landscape photography

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Re: myownalias' landscape photography

Postby LewEngBridewell »

geetface9 wrote:WOW nice work!!

+1 :yes:
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Re: myownalias' landscape photography

Postby stonemonkey »

andrew wrote:
darwin dali wrote:
myownalias wrote:
geetface9 wrote:They look great!!

Thanks :)

geetface9 wrote:The 2nd one looks like what I did to my toilet before work though. Just the environment, not your photography skills :wink:

I believe that is duck/swan/goose s**t, so that would make sense! :hehe:

Hm, are you saying geetface is a duck? :P

A daft ducker? :hehe:

ducking swear filter.

Nice pics.
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Re: myownalias' landscape photography

Postby racechick »

Great pics Myown! I like the sunset best. And the storms, I have a bit of an urge to be a storrm chaser :twisted:
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Re: myownalias' landscape photography

Postby myownalias »

racechick wrote:I have a bit of an urge to be a storrm chaser :twisted:

Me too; but the wife won't allow it, given that I live in storm central, tornado alley!
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Re: myownalias' landscape photography

Postby andrew »

You'd probably have difficulty chassing a storrm. :wink:
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Re: myownalias' landscape photography

Postby elfinitty »

Those are lovely!My favorite one is the 1st,the setting is the really good especiallt the sunlight it's just perfect timing :)