Golf Ball Dimples on F1

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Re: Golf Ball Dimples on F1

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LewEngBridewell wrote:
andrew wrote:CorkSoaker hasn't been back since 30/12/2011. Poor chap was probably chased away by all the abuse about using the search function.

Well done to those who made a fuss over nothing and probably chased away a new member! :rolleyes:


Well said andrew. Thread was entirely needless and simply descended into a handbag war over nothing. :nono:

Yep, more fuss over nothing. Thing is, this thread could have been a good technical thread, but it's kind of popped it's cloggs.
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Re: Golf Ball Dimples on F1

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Alright, time to put this one under lock and key, if the OP reappears and wants it reopened (contact me via PM) I will do so!
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