favourite driver past or present?

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Re: favourite driver past or present?

Postby australia99 »

im going to put my answer into era's as it's hard to compare. and for comments sake i will add ive only been watching F1 since 1994.

60's Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart. both fantastic drivers in a era where safety was at its lowest.

70's Nikki Lauda and Gilles Villeneuve. The footage ive seen of Gilles is mind blowing, a massive shame he never won the world title

80's Prost. got the best out of his car and put up some awesome numbers in a era where he raced against drivers like Piquet, Senna and Mansell.

90's Mika Hakkinen. FANTASTIC DRIVER! first driver i really followed, i miss him racing so much. I was so lost between his retirement and Lewis Hamilton's arrival in F1. (followed JPM, but it wasnt the same)

had a huge soft spot for Jacques Villeneuve in 96-97 too.
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Re: favourite driver past or present?

Postby Nomad »

Present: Kubica
Past: Probably DC.
"I want to get back on the track stronger than ever, because after these accidents you aren't what you were before, you improve." - Robert Kubica
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Re: favourite driver past or present?

Postby Forti_Corse »

i admire gilles villeneuve, the little man with absolutely no fear....he knew the dangers he'd had so many close calls before......he just didnt care, he knew his attitude would send him to an early grave but his formula worked so he stuck to it no matter the cost.

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Re: favourite driver past or present?

Postby FOR NUMBER 27 »

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