Schumacher 'unsporting'...

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Schumacher 'unsporting'...

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Well according to Alonso anyway, who then went on to state that racing the German was an honour. :? So who's right? I'm thinking this is all just bad eggs following a poor steward's decision? :roll:
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Lets be fair, Schumacher doesn't care how he wins just as long as he wins, He's not quite sausage Dasterdly but he's not far off it, Don't get me wrong, I think without question he's the greatest F1 driver ever but I can't ever respect a man who's won races and at least one championship through underhand and morally dubious tactics both on and off the track. He and Ferrari are perfectly matched, Ferrari have always got up to some rather odd stuff, I remember them getting James Hunts result in a race chucked out over fuel that was perfectly within the rules, this year has been particularly sick making, Renualt are not going to win, it's been decided and no matter what they do they won't win, and when Shumacher wins this title he'll be happy, he won't give it's dubious merit a single thought.
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You're such a fatalist :D
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