New Formula 1 Game

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New Formula 1 Game

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After a Fantasy Cycling Game, an Ice Speed Skating Game, a Super11manager, we also dive itno the world of the Formula 1. We waited till the first GP was finished to decide upon the best possible category line up for the game.

The game will start with the Grand Prix of Australia just before the first qualification of the race on Saturday 27 March at 7.00 hour CET. We start with a guaranteed amount of prizes of 1000 euro's (first prize is 200 euro), the administration fee per team is 5 euro to participate.

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Re: New Formula 1 Game

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Re: New Formula 1 Game

Post by zwieler »

I see this is a Belgium site?

They seem to have very simple rules. Different from other games.

Are there more F1 games here? I will have a look...