Watch Classic Races

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Watch Classic Races

Postby LiamCatterson »

So I thought for anyone who wants to watch classic races in the past, whether it would be from 40 years ago, 20 years ago or even five. I think this would be golden for anyone who wants a bit of nostalga, especially with the season coming to a close, allowing us to look at full races and even quali sessions. ... nne1942kbQ (Non-Races)

If any other guys manage to find a link to any other classics, post them here and I'll update this every time :)

If possible, could this be made into a sticky as well :)
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Re: Watch Classic Races

Postby Roth »

Nice idea, Liam.

This one is a pocketbook version of '88, if that's allowed. Five minute clips for each race, they just run together. ... 1E&index=1


Hey Roth, edit your post and you'll see what I did to display YouTube videos directly. WB

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Re: Watch Classic Races

Postby sagi58 »

Thanks, Liam!! I think this is a great idea!! :clap:

Here's hoping I get the time to go through them all!!
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