Help! Best of highlight reel

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Help! Best of highlight reel

Postby pyjames »


I have been tasked with composing a piece of music and compiling a 3 minute film of any sport for a university assignment, naturally i selected f1 :)

The primary remit of this assignment is to introduce a younger audience to the chosen sport so i thought the most obvious way to achieve this is to compile a series of clips showing how exhilarating the sport is, awesome overtakes, spectacular crashes, close calls etc.

I can think of my fair share of glorious f1 moments, however i am certain i will miss some extraordinary occasions so i would be eternally grateful for any video clips and thoughts that you guys can no doubt think of to help contribute to my video.


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Re: Help! Best of highlight reel

Postby LewEngBridewell »

If it's crashes and overtakes you want, then if you go to YouTube and type in things like "F1 crashes 2012" or "F1 overtakes", then you'll get some good moments I'm sure. YouTube is full of F1 material.
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