Having trouble posting youtube videos?

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Re: Having trouble posting youtube videos?

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Hammer278 wrote:Here's a step by step (7 simple steps):

1) Go to Youtube

2) Load the video you want to upload here

3) See this address as an example (dont go to it... :D ): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48rz8udZBmQ

4) Just select the BOLDED part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48rz8udZBmQ

5) Paste it in your post as below:


6) Highlight it with your mouse (click and drag from 4 right up till Q)

7) Click on the YouTube button you see above your post column

YES, I am jobless right now...the power just went out in my office and I'm on my trusty laptop. :D

BTW, I TOLD you to not go to that address! :blush:

You can save yourself the tedious step 6 by reversing the order:
after copying the string after the '=' sign, click on the youtube tag in your post which places your cursor right where it needs to be, then paste your YouTube reference and all is good :thumbup:
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