The Twilight zone. PLEASE READ!!

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The Twilight zone. PLEASE READ!!

Post by racechick »

The Twighlght Zone is that grey area that lies between what you can, and what you cannot post on this forum.

You should all be familiar with the rules, in case you've forgotten, they are here....


This post is to help clarfiy some of the grey areas of rule interpretation. In the Twighlight zone, there is often a fine line between what is and what is not acceptable, where exactly that line falls is somewhat subjective, open to different interpretations. Some posters frequent the Twighlight zone more than others, some wander in there by accident. But be warned venturing into the twilight zone may result in the following sanctions; edited posts, deleted posts, fishing trips and warnings.

A few examples of the Twighlight Zone to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Name calling drivers

Hamilton and Alonso for example.

Hammy, Nando........that's fine

Lewser, Alonslow.........that is not fine and will incur sanctions
Somewhere in between those two examples lies that grey area. If you have to think about it, its probably over the line, don't post it.

Respecting other viewpoints
The way you phrase your post can make a big difference to how it is received.

Example 1

Mercedes/Ferrari/McLaren are a pack of idiots, they don't deserve to be in F1. (this is not respectful and invites argument)
Mercedes/Ferrari/McLaren are performing well below par. This is really not acceptable for a team of their stature.( this makes the same point and invites debate)

Example 2

Driver A is an arrogant git (this is not respectful and invites argument)
In my opinion, driver A's confidence borders on arrogance (this makes the same point and invites debate)

Posts intended to inflame

Again, we are in that Twilight Zone when good natured banter and joking becomes the needling of another poster or the inflaming of a situation. If in doubt, think twice about your post.

Calling Vettel 'finger boy' is quite funny, because of the truth. He is the boy who uses his finger to make a point. You MIGHT get away with that, but you are in the grey zone. If Vettel is then referred to as 'finger boy' ad nauseam , it ceases to be funny and serves only to irritate Vettel supporters. This is not acceptable.

The other side of the coin is, don't be over sensitive about your favourite driver or team; other posters may hold a completely opposing view to you, they are entitled to, and they are entitled to post their view, as long as it is in accordance with these guidelines.

Repetitive arguing

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat something to clarify a point and that's ok. What is not ok is tit for tat arguing that adds nothing to the debate and serves only to allow the poster get the last word. Grey areas again. If you're not sure, stop arguing.

Personal insults

An outright insult on another member of the forum is strictly against forum rules and action will be taken against the offender. Neither will we tolerate implied or indirect insults, of the following nature;
'only an idiot could think such and such' / 'you would have to be a fool to believe that' / ' only a moron could fail to understand this'
You can still give your views without being insulting by saying something along the lines of
' it is beyond me how anyone could hold these views'.

Taking threads off topic

Whilst not exactly a rule, it is good forum etiquette to try to keep threads on topic. We are all guilty in some measure of a little meandering, and as mods we like to leave things alone if a discussion has veered slightly off the topic but good debate is ensuing. What we want to avoid is the serious threads being taken up with off topic chit chat. There is a place for chit chat. We have a 'general chat and banter' thread specifically for it, and the 'anything else' section does exactly what it says on the box.
Off topic chit chat and unnecessary arguments are likely to be deleted.

We will be tightening up on all the aforementioned areas.

We're all different, we all bring different things to the forum and we all expect different things from it. As mods we want everyone to feel they can enjoy this forum. with a little thought and consideration it should be possible.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: The Twilight zone. PLEASE READ!!

Post by sagi58 »

racechick wrote:...We're all different, we all bring different things to the forum and we all expect different things from it. As mods we want everyone to feel they can enjoy this forum. with a little thought and consideration it should be possible.

Thanks for reading.

First of all, thank YOU for clarifying and for giving such great examples!!
Truly appreciated!!

Secondly, in the little time I have been on this forum, I have to say, you
moderators are doing a great job of keeping us on track and nipping things
in the bud! I especially appreciate the good natured way do that without
using a heavy hand!! Again, thank you!!

And, yes, that comes from me who had already been banned and who sits
here with a warning to her name!! I know it's not easy ensuring a safe and
happy environment!! At the risk of being repetitive, thank you!!
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