Writing Competition Number 4

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Church and church workers in danger of extinction.
The first time.
What I think F1 Technology should be.
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Boots target vaginas for Christmas.
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The Formula1 story
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Re: Writing Competition Number 4

Post by sagi58 »

darwin dali wrote:Hm, I rarely use the F1 key...

WoW!! Lucky you... I always """seem""" to need help! :P
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Re: Writing Competition Number 4

Post by Hammer278 »

darwin dali wrote:
Hammer278 wrote:We're in an F1 forum, why not make F1 the topic. Anything F1.

Pls...nothing to do with the new engine noises pls, we've heard enough

Hm, I rarely use the F1 key...

I always enjoy pressing the Ctrl+F14 button to see a complete rundown of the system performance and where energy is being taken up.

Admit it you looked for the F14 button
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Re: Writing Competition Number 4

Post by Jabberwocky »

My F14 button is red and has a T on it

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